Braves Lost

The Braves lost...

I still haven't written about Thwack-the-Beast (and no, it's not nearly as twisted as it sounds).

I'm reading Four Corners of Night.

There are two dogs lying down by my chair right now. They're muching on a little white stuffed gorilla.

I shot a 31 on my home course today. That's 9 holes. It's about my average score. But today I threw only backhands. Which I don't do. Forehand 'til I die.

I finally took my car in to get the transmission fixed today (after a year and a half of being about to get it fixed). So I call Aamco 'cause I checked all the prices a year and a half ago and decided on Aamco (transmissions scare me, they're easy to screw up, I was goin' with the name brand and the warranty). Anyway, I called 'em and this guy answers and we talk transmission and... he tells me that they're not aamco. Aamco's out of business (well, the one in athens), apparently. Dude, that's a sharp business move, going and grabbing aamco's phone number. So I took it there... it's a lot cheaper and they have the same warranty, so we'll see if I get screwed on that one or not.

I'm supposed to take lady to the doctor tomorrow except now I don't have a car. We'll see what happens there.

I'm listening to a Dick Francis book on tape. He's the guy where every cover has a picture of a horse on the cover. He writes light hearted mysteries, just like about half of the universe. It's actually pretty good so far.

My course rocks. Theoretically. At least, I think it will if we ever get it cleared and get to play it.

I performed the least efficient grass-seeding in history today. I expect no more than six blades of grass from the five hundred pounds of seed that I put out.

The braves still lost.

I'm still in the mood to play disc golf.

My arm and neck are still sore from rugby yesterday.

My car's still in the shop.

This is still not interesting reading.

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