Lindsay Folds Her Clothes

Last night was the second movie in our quest, Gladiator. Lindsay folded her clothes during the movie. I mean, not the whole movie 'cause that'd be an awful lot of clothes, but during the movie. Maybe I'd be more eager to fold my clothes if I'm watching people get chopped up on screen? All I know is we've seen an awful lot of guys die in our first two movies. But I didn't notice any sheep getting blown up in this one.

The scoreboard.

Something that Doug missed during the movie and then I told him to write here but he doesn't remember what it was now, either so it'll have to wait until I'm really here and not just Doug pretending to be me as I type. -- LZ [He thinks it might be "Two fat whores suckling"]

I was tired as hell and didn't fall asleep. That's gotta be good, doesn't it? But it's no Braveheart. Not that it has to be to be good, of course.-- doug

And I'd write more except I'm going to go buy a lawnmower.

Did you guys know that Joaquin Phoenix was in this movie? Did you know who Joaquin Phoenix is?

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