Lindsay Goes to Work

Things floating around in my head:

Lindsay's mom had a date last night... she was pretty nervous. Lindsay was glowing.

Rory chewed up a black ink pen so now I own spotted carpet. Wonderful.

We watched Panic Room last night. Lindsay said that she thought the daughter (Kristen Stewart) reminded her of... get this... Steve Buscemi. Let's do a little photo compare:


Not Buscemi

I'm sure Lindsay will apologize to Ms. Stewart when she gets the chance. (Sorry, Steve) Oh, and that said, I can almost sorta see it. But not quite.

I now own the course record at Sandy Creek Disc Golf Course with a 72. I'm the man. For a while.

Go find me a truck: 4 wheel drive, 8 foot bed, 8 cylinder engine, manual transmission. Around $3,000.

The US plays Canada in rugby this weekend as part of world cup qualifying, but it's not on TV. Sucks. I do have hope for this game even though Canada beat Scotland and the US lost 63-24... despite being up a man for the last 30 minutes.

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