10 for 10

Ok, picks for 2002 Worlds... last year I tried to pick the top 10 in no particular order, I'll try the same this year. Last year I missed Russell, Stokely, and McCray.


2001 Finish


Ken Climo
Barry Schultz
Steve Rico
Awfully long courses, right?
Cameron Todd
Howdy Cam.
Shawn Sinclair
I'd say this is my longshot pick, but apparently I'm going to pick one Gateway player each year. Sorry John E.
Ron Russell
Ditto what I said about Leonard. Oh, but you haven't gotten there yet.
Brian Schweberger
How can you not pick a goofy guy from NC?
Scott Martin
He was sorta my last pick last year and did me proud, so I have to stick by him this year
Eric Tracy
If he upgrades his hat from Duke/UNC to a UGA Rugby hat he's a shoo-in
Larry Leonard
These courses may be a little long for him, but he's been fantastic this year

Of these, Martin, Russell, and Rico aren't signed up according to the web page. They say that Russell will be there for sure, though. So if Martin and Rico don't play I'll replace them with Avery Jenkins and Jesper Lundmark.

Let's see, who'd I leave off? Worm, and I could see him up there for sure, but he hasn't been playing that well this year. I could see Avery Jenkins or Feldberg for sure, Dave's been playing well. Geoff Lissaman always seems to show up. Steve Brinster has been playing well and has the D for 3 7000 foot courses.


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