That's My Ass

So we were sitting on the couch watching the Natural after a nice dinner of homemade quesadillas (only one bite of which had any peach yogurt on it) and I asked Lindsay if she wanted to do something. So she said sure but didn't have anything really in mind, which left it up to me. Which is dangerous.

So I suggested that we draw Lady, I'd draw the back and she could draw the front (a sly move on my part so I am in no way capable of drawing a dog's head and having it look like anything other than a chainsaw with two sausages on top). She agreed and promptly began to take out fifteen different shades of brown crayon from the box. I picked the first brownish color I saw and called that good enough.

Anyway, here's my ass and Lindsay's head...

Note the really mega huge toenails... those are to scale. Ok, and here's a real picture of lady... really two, the first is much clearer but I really liked the second (which was in the background of a picture of ray and his dog Hobbs [even though I always think of him as Hobbes]).

I think the legs on mine, at least the front legs, remind me of some sort of Dr. Seuss creation. I'm not sure. Anyway, this was actually my second effort... no, ok, the third. The first two were abandoned in the early stages when it became clear that the outline just really wasn't even close. I mention that this is the good one just to give you some idea of the talent you're dealing with here.

Ok, now, kids... I'm going to bed.










And finally, here... is our work of art.


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