Gettin' Round to It

This past few days have been rugby days... played High Country on Thursday, lost a match that was a bit dirty and very slow because they killed the ball at every ruck and the ref never called it. Then Friday we drove to Columbia, SC to play U of South Carolina. Our directions were wrong so me and Lindsay ended up buying a map and cutting through town to the field. The field was nice and wide, but was in semi-darkness (about 1/3 of the lights didn't come on) and the end zones were the smallest I've ever seen. I'd guess there were, at most, 4 yards long.

Anyway, we played horribly for the first 30 minutes or so, played well for the last 30 minutes (and in case you're not familiar with rugby, there would be 20 minutes in between those... 80 minute game) and won by 2 tries.

So then Saturday and Sunday me and Ray and Matt Bunce went to the USA Rugby coaching clinic in Atlanta, which was tough on Saturday 'cause we didn't get back from Columbia until after 4am and we had to get up at 6 to head to Atlanta. It didn't help that the course was ultra-basic (it's level 1, if they haven't ripped out your desire to take the courses with level 1, apparently levels 2 and 3 are better), but we survived.

So here I am. It's Tuesday (but I started this yesterday so the date on it was right when I started). I'm trying to upgrade the regular expression library I'm using and am having problems, which sucks. I hate it when really simple things don't quite work the way they're supposed to (this may very well be my fault, it's just that I hate working on it when there's things that I need to be doing).

This wasn't very vibrant, was it? Hell, I've been up since 8, what do you expect?

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