Long Day

Woke up before 8 this morning... I asked Lindsay to wake me up so I could have breakfast with her. Of course, we were out of milk and she didn't want any waffles (mmmm, waffles) so she ate cold, dry ceral. I went with the waffles and decided to dump some yogurt on 'em. I've never done it before (used to put ice cream on them as a kid... I remember in 4th or 5th grade when I told my class how gross it was that my mom put ice cream on her waffles, even though I liked it, only to have the class stand up for ice cream on waffles eaters everywhere. But I digress). It was ok. Not as good as ice cream.

So she went off to work and I came in to do some work, and I guess I did a bunch, but I didn't really have any work work to do. So I worked on the price replacer program for Todd and I returned the wireless phone thing that isn't really wireless but it lets you add a phone line through your electrical wires (I couldn't get rid of the humming, so I got rid of it). I also went to the library and returned my videos (one called something like Building Big: Tunnels! and the other on Charles Lindbergh and the race to cross the atlantic first for the $25,000 prize) and got another book on tape to entertain me on my trip to Atlanta tomorrow.

Let's see. I also ran a phone line to the office (the room I bought the wireless thing for). I smushed it under the baseboard like Todd suggested, I used the back of a butter knife for the actual pushing. It was tiring as hell. Uhmm. I fixed Ray's physics pictures for him, I got to be image editing king... the pictures came in postscript format, which was no problem 'cause I use paint shop pro and it can read them. Except these were PS level 3 and it can only read levels 1 and 2. So I ended up going out and getting GhostScript and GhostView (relics of my unix only days in college) and they worked great.

What else? I fixed the trays in the cabinets in the kitchen where we put our tupperware stuff by cutting up plastic campaign signs and screwing them to the wooden drawers. It makes sense if you look at it.

I took out the trash. I walked the dogs a couple times. I put a huge cover on a huge RV that arrived back here today. I found out Robert is getting married. I spent 5 minutes trying to figure out what the hell was wrong with my network (turns out the gateway machine had been turned off... by my dog bumping into it. Now there's a Gateway Wizard [heh! gateway machine... gateway disc! just realized that]. Anyway, there's the dog and the computers and the power button protection scheme over there on the right.

Oh, and I did Pilates for 40 minutes 'cause I didn't get to the gym and we have this video that we got from Mollie that Lindsay has been doing (it's longer than 40 minutes but I was saved when dinner was ready to eat so I didn't have to struggle anymore). Hmmm... oh, probably did all sorts of other stuff. I'm a busy guy, dontchaknow.


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