Todd's Birthday

I'm pretty sure today's Todd's birthday (if it's not then it's tomorrow). In any case, his birthday party is today... right about now. I'd be there except Lindsay had surgery on Friday and came home from the hospital today. Not the best time for little road trips...

So I spent all weekend with her... in fact, this little thing won't be about Todd or his birthday at all, it's about my weekend with Lindsay and her surgery... The weekend started Thanksgiving night when she was ordered by the doctor to give herself a nice, cleansing enema. So she did, then she proceeded to wait (as directed by the directions) until she felt the "urge to eliminate." So that picture is her, apparently not quite feeling the urge yet. Well, she survived the cleansing and we woke up bright and early Friday morning for her 6:15 tee-time. Her surgery only ended up taking an hour, then they kept her around recovery for a bit because, well, they were doing doctor things I suppose.

So she finally came up and was groggy and froggy (in da' throat) and pretty promptly fell asleep. She spent a lot of Friday sleeping. Her brother Phil(l)ip and his wife Jessica brought her the giraffe you see her with there (note the bandage around its middle... just like Lindsay), then Mollie came and brought a little giraffe toothbrush holder and Herbertthe dragon suncatcher (I'm not positive it was Herbert, if it's not, well...). Then Craig came up and brought flowers. He actually came in just as they had her sit up for the first time, which turned her whole face green and made her miserable so he went away for 5 minutes and when he came back in she was happy again.

Anyway, I didn't actually come today to talk about that. Mainly what I wanted to talk about was that insider feeling of sleeping there all weekend when I'd walk the halls around in my bare feet in the middle of the night. I'm not sure why I liked it so much, but I had a really good time. The nurses were all very nice and Lindsay's recovery is going really well. Anyway, I got a lot done on the new program I'm writing for Todd. I had the computer on Lindsay's eating tray and worked through 2 James Bond movies and then part of Trading Places. It was most excellent. But I don't really understand why it's so comfortable in a place like that (I hate hospitals, especially the smell).

Anyway, so everything happened and we came home today. Lindsay has a gut now, just like me. Hers probably won't last as long, of course, but I like the feeling of solidarity. Now she's sitting in the chair in our room reading, she's setup with an intercom phone thing and a whistle (and her voice) if she needs me. She's also got her chap stick and some pain killers next to her water... really, she's pretty well setup.

Blah blah blah blah I'm really tired or you'd be hearing a lot more and what you did hear would be more coherent and interesting. In fact, I may hold off on putting this one up until it's better.

Post Script: It's a month later now, so I'm no longer tired (but that doesn't mean this is any better written), but I have other things I want to write about other subjects so I don't want to wear us out on this tired ol' thing...

Oh, and the picture below is the Inspriational Piece I wrote for Lindsay when she was ordered by the doctor to release the gas held deep inside.

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