No Beast Here

I had 2 things to write about. I sat down. I promptly forgot one of them. What a pain in the ass. So I have this year old story to tell about the game we played in the snow, Thwack the Beast, except I don't see the pictures we took, which are integral to the story. So I can't do that one.

I saw The Two Towers last night. I was optimistic and excited about it, and for the first hour or so I was pretty happy, it drew me in like the first movie never did. And then things started to change.

As far as I could tell, they felt like they had to change damn near everything. It was really fucking stupid (sorry parents out there). I actually thought about getting up and leaving. These were movies I'd been excited about for 3 years before the first one came out. The first one I was disappointed with, but I could see the groundwork laid for 2 fantastic movies. The 2 towers, I thought, would be the easiest to film and the easiest to turn into a movie. Now I'm not even sure I want to see the last one.

I felt like if they liked the books enough to make a movie out of them, why didn't they like them enough to keep the story? Awful, awful, awful. So disappointing.

Anyway, so afterwards me and Lindsay went to Mollie's sister's house to walk their dogs. We walked in and one of them peed 3 times. That's some serious submission. We wiped up and took 'em out and much fun was had. When we came back in the cat shot out the door, which we were assured was ok. On the way home we went by Sonic (Lindsay's first time). I always forget how bad their hot dogs are, but my cherry limeade was good. The first thing Lindsay did when we got home was to put her grilled cheese in the toaster oven (she's a stickler for HOT HOT HOT foods and she don't tolerate no cold food, NO!).

So I'd been taping the Fiesta Bowl, the college football national championship game this year, and Lindsay went in to see if the game was over yet. It was still on but I asked how much time left and she wasn't sure, after a few seconds she said, "I think it's in overtime." Then she said, "Oh, I shouldn't have said that, should I?" Alas... but a few seconds later she said, "No, sorry, it was timeout not overtime." Good cover, kid.

But I was convinced enough to be unsure enough to enjoy watching the game. I flip flopped who I was rooting for a couple of times, usually rooting for whoever was behind. So in overtime with Miami up by 7 Ohio State had a 4th and 14 and got a 1st down, then had a 4th and goal (I think) and threw an incomplete pass. The first ref didn't throw the flag and everyone started celebrating, but then the back judge threw one. Pass interference. (I disagreed with the call in full speed and disagreed in slow speed replays, but hey...) So Ohio State scored and in the second overtime they won. It was a good game.

It must be a strange feeling for the referee to have decided the national championship (since if he doesn't throw the flag the game's over one way and it ends up going the other), especially on a call that many people think was wrong. A tough job, that.

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