Leftover Sandwich

I'm sitting at my computer (you might be thinking, duh!, but maybe I have one of those 1980's PC-Junior wireless keyboards with the rockin' chicklet keys) the morning after the superbowl... or Super Monday, as one particularly ridiculous TV network would say. We played a rugby match this weekend against Georgia Tech, we fixed a broken water pipe, we bought ingredients for making beer today, and I'm sure all sorts of other interesting things which escape my mind right now.

But mainly what I'm here to tell you guys about is an email I got out of the blue:

doing some random google searching


found your page:


cool. random enough. then looked at the songs, looked
at the links, read the Dar fan "Iowa" story. My
Favorite Dar song--if i was shorter and female i would
want to be Dar, as it is i'm stuck wanting to be Dan
Bern. Such is life.

anyways, ciao.

tiny anonymous voice on the internet flicking a rock
over towards you and saying "heh, cool"

phil in california

In other words, he did a search on "absolutely the weirdest thing ever put on a web page" and I came up first. I'm da man! The thing is, after this email, I guess I'll come up first and second... so I thought it was sorta funny that the guy is a Dar Williams fan, too.

Anyway, I'm in the middle of my sick day. My second one. I hacked and coughed and was generally pretty miserable all weekend. I think I'm going to go listen to the end of Hart's War (my book on tape).


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