Spinny Ball!

So on the PDGA message boards the past month or so Jeff Ash and a couple other guys have been talking about PowerBalls, this gyroscope thing that, as gyroscopes do, spins around and works great as a hand and forearm strengthener. So I, being a creature of the Late Night Internet Impulse Buy (tm), promptly went out and bought not one but two... dude, that had a great pricing structure. You practically had to buy two. No, really, I swear.

Anyway, they ship out of Ireland and I got mine today and I'm a big fan already. I bet by next week my arms will look like Popeye's. So right now my personal best 7812 rpm, which is barely half of what everyone else is doing. But I'm sure I'll get there tomorrow.

For me it's as much a complete and total lack of coordination as it is a complete and total lack of strength.

Anyway... so I was looking at Melbourne's schedule and, dude, it sucks. 1 round of 24 holes each day, which might be fine other places but that's a fast playing course. Ohwell. I've got faith in the mack daddy tournament director in the tall striped hat.

Oh! I did all sorts of yard work this weekend, both at my house and at the disc golf course and I've learned what I always suspected: it's much easier to pull out briars when it's not the middle of summer.

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