Off to Miami

We're leaving in the morning for Florida and it's a good little trip... we're going down to Sarasota first and are staying with Lindsay's sister. We're going to play both of the free courses in town. I wouldn't mind playing the $15 at the golf course one but it's not the right group of people.

Anyway, so we're playing one of the courses Friday when we get down there and the other Saturday sometime. I'd rather play Clearwater or the Canyon but they don't really work into the schedule as well. Alas. So then we head down to--agh! Dammit. We're heading down to Ft. Lauderdale to watch the USA national rugby team in their last world cup qualifying game. Before that game is an Under-19 game between Georgia and Florida, UGA has 5 guys on that team so that'll be cool, too.

Anyway, we're supposed to hook up with Cole Bushey and play a round, but I forgot to call him. I'll call tomorrow or Saturday. (That's what the agh! Dammit was up in the last paragraph... I just remembered that I hadn't called him)

So that's my weekend. Very cool. Never thought I'd be excited about driving down to Miami again.

I was about to tell you about my ace, but I see that I already did that. Alas.

On a completely different subject, I was checking out the average scores on the par 3's on the course in Athens and am pretty happy with them. Except 5 and 5b (which I knew sucked) they all average right around 3. I don't want the par 3's to be easy. I'm looking at Tiger Wood's hole-by-hole scores at Augusta for each of his Masters and he doesn't average under 3.0 for ANY of the par 3's. The birdies come on the long holes, not the short ones. I want our course to be that way, too. And mainly, it is. I just have to figure out what to do with hole #5.

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