Puttin 'Round the Circle

So I setup this 10 station putting thing in my yard last week. I started at about 15 feet and walked a spiral outwards dropping the discs marking each station. It ended up with the longest being just inside 40 feet and a bit of a downhill putt.

Piece of cake, says I, trying to guess how many putts it would take to complete the circle. So I tried it. And I made my first 5 or so before completely falling apart on the longer ones and ending up with... get this... 32 putts. Yikes. So I tried again and it took 28. Clearly I couldn't hit a putt longer than 25 feet.

So I tried it forehand and the first time did it in 20 putts. Forehand! This must be easier than I thought (and I must be an even worse putter than I thought). So I did it a few more times, 25 backhand, then 35 forehand, then 18 turbo then 26 forehand then 19 backhand then 16 turbo. Heck, let's make that into a chart...


All of which shows I can't putt for crap. One of those big numbered backhands I made the first 7 then it took me like 18 putts to make the last 3. I also made the first 7 turbos once. So anyway, after missing a zillion straight from 38 feet I'd always be pretty discouraged and my form would get worse and worse with each putt. So I changed the rules to make it where if you made a putt you'd advance one station and if you missed one you'd go back one station. Good change.

See, now you never take more than one putt in a row from the same lie (sound like a game you know?), which means you have to approach each putt on its own. Also it means the discouragement is limited because let's say you're at the 7th station and you miss 3 straight, well, sure, you suck because those are pretty short putts, but it also means your next putt is on the 4th station which is a really short putt. No, I mean, you'll probably make it. Get it? So it's sort of a self correcting thing where if you're off a little you get some nice easy putts to get back into some sort of groove.

So anyway, I did that and kept count and I got up to station 7 real quick (hit 8 of my first 9) and then stalled... and spent quite a bit of time around #7 before finally making it up to stations 9 and 10 somewhere in the 30s or 40s, had 4 or so putts to finish but missed them all pretty badly. And then I was back near 7 for a while before heading back up to 9 and 10... and still not really coming close to hitting from #10. And then, before I knew it, I was at station #3.

Yeah, that's right, #3. Like five inches from the basket. Thankfully I made it (unlike the dinkers from #4 and #5 which I'd just missed). So I refocused (I'd taken quite a goodly number of putts at this point, I wasn't sure how many but there were a lot of lines and slashes on the page and each slash was 4 putts...) and made 3 of 4 which took me to station 5. From where I promptly hit 6 straight to close out that ridiculous putting display.

I went to the sheet and counted. 130 putts. Wowzas. I thought about doing it turbo to see how much better a turbo putter I seem to be than a regular putter but decided I was too tired.

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