I was taking a quick break from work and looked at to see who had won the playoff in the US Women's Open between the 2 qualifiers and the woman who hadn't won in 4 years. Turns out it wasn't over, so I moved my break out to the couch and watched the last 4 holes. One of the best finishes I've ever seen in anything... Lunke birdied 17 to take a 1 shot lead, then Stanford (in 2nd) hit a long birdie putt from the edge of the green on 18. Lunke followed that up with a 15 foot or so birdie putt to win. Very cool.

Anyway, as I was watching I decided to make a list of disc golf courses I loved and really liked. Sort of as if they were rated on a 1-5 scale, these would be the 4's and the 5's. And then I was done. And I thought and thought and thought and couldn't come up with any more. Seven courses, that's all I could think of. I'm not sure how many I've played (the big list on this web site is pretty out of date), but it's probably about 80. And I really like... 7. Wowzas.

Here they are, in case you're wondering... (in no particular order)

The Crucible
Winthrop Gold
Rosedale (long)
Gran Canyon
Swope Gold
Mt. Airy

There are a bunch that I'd like to go play that I hope would make this list, and there are certainly a lot of courses out there that are OK that I enjoy playing, but these are the ones I really like, the ones I get excited about. Well, even that's not quite true. I think the only ones I really get excited playing are Winthrop and the Crucible. They're the ones that, when I'm done playing, I want to go right back out and take another shot at (the "I know I can do better!" syndrome).

So, anyway, that's it. Just sharing how surprised I was at the really low numbers on the list, and as I sit here I like Mt. Airy less and less, but I came up with it and put it down, so I'll stick with it. I've only played it twice, so...

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