So I was just interrupted by a phone call as I was starting to explain recursion to Lindsay. We'd spent 15 minutes before that studying how the VCR setup works. Now, you may read that and think, "What a stereotypical girl," but that's cause you haven't seen my VCR setup. I'll show you a picture:


I love my setup. As far as I know the only thing I can't do is watch one digital channel and record another because we only have the one digital tuner. But anyway, her final exam is going to be to set it up to play a DVD, record it on both VCR's, and watch a rugby game on digital cable at the same time. She's not quite there yet, but she's getting it. The coolest thing is when you're loop the VCR inputs and get this freaked out panicky noise from the TV.

Anyway, I tend to leave the coax switch on VCR2 'cause you can do everything you want just routing stuff throught VCR2 and then you don't have to get up to flip the switch. That's really the only thing I want is for the coax switch to be remote controlled... heh. Funny thing is, we really don't watch much tv. But it was important for her to be able to watch what she wanted while I was away at USDGC and recording all the rugby world cup games.

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