Absolutely . . . 

Everything . . .

Else . . .


You might not want to read this.

I'm quite serious, you know.  These pages contain the clumsy outpourings of teen angst from an angst-ridden almost double-teen and may cause nausea.  In the event of said unease, induce vomiting.  It's going to come anyway if you read much further.

The ideas on these pages are not the opinions of Lynx Disc Golf or any of its employees.  No, well, actually they are.  One of them, at least.  But they are absolutely, positively not to be taken seriously.  Unless you know me and decide to take them (whatever they are) in a good light.   If you're easily offended (by which I mean, if you've ever been offended in your life), please don't read them, go someplace else.

If you decide you're probably better off somewhere else,  I respect your decision.

And now, a moment of silent contemplation.

If you stayed, thanks (and, just in case you're peeking here to see the last line before you head off into the ether, well, I suppose that's your right).  Drop down just below that little line (which shows up so annoyingly often on our pages) and find one of the underlined bits of text (but not this one) and you may have some of your questions answered.  

But then again, you might not.

And, should I somehow manage not to answer them all,  give me a little shove.

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