The Big Course List

Ok, now, boys and girls, it's time for Doug to do some talking. I decided that nothing here is particularly useful (and bog knows nothing is particularly entertaining), so I'm chopping it all up and replacing it with the stuff I really want to know about a course.  I'm not sure what's really first on my list, so in no particular order:  good bathrooms,  somewhere nearby to get something to eat (not necessarily good to eat, mind you, we are, after all, disc golfers (and not, as you might've been suspecting from the amount of unintelligible slurring (if not the stacked parenthesis and miles of commas), Billy Faulkner)), some honest-to-goodness multi-shot holes that aren't based just on distance, other legitimately good holes, and, well, underbrush.  See, I spend more time than the average player rooting around in the crud and, well, I like to play in shorts... which means I'm a big fan of nice grass or pine straw or some suchlike soft, cushiony material (as opposed to the well known if not quite beloved flesh ripping briars we sometimes see) with no trace of poison ivy (see, even though I know exactly what the damned thing looks like, I never actually notice it until Todd laughs at me for lying down and rolling around in its poisony goodness).  

Let's see, I also mention if it's hard to find your way around (or I should say, if we had trouble finding our way around) and if the tee pads are any good (I'm a tee-pad snob, I love nice ones and hate, well, missing ones).

On this list I'll give a summary, a course's page (once it's "upgraded" to this new stuff) will have more detail.  The amount of stuff I've forgotten about each course is not to be believed, so if you know something about one (heck, ALL) of them, drop me an email and let me know.  I reserve the right to be completely wrong about any and all of this stuff.  Feel free to let me know that, too...  If something's blank it means I remember so little that I'm not even going to guess.  Oh, when I say no food on this chart it means nothing blindingly obvious right there at the entrance to the park that even an idiot such as myself could find on the first try.

So, as of now, that's what I've got to report.  Along with whatever else I feel like typing at the time, of course.   Oh, and while this list isn't "under construction" because I hate that term, but it sure ain't done yet. I'm linking the pages as I get them updated, so even though a course had a page before it might not have a link right now.

Quick Key:  MSH == Multi shot holes; DGH == Damn good holes; GI == generally interesting; !!! == bathrooms;  Blecch? == undergrowth and suchlike nastiness.

Pretty Line

Updates to Course Descriptions

None, but I did add some new courses to the list

Pretty Line


State City Course MSH DGH GI? !!! Food Blecch?
Alabama Birmingham George Ward Park 1 yes yes yes no
Alabama Florence Veterans Memorial Park 0



no No
Alabama Mobile Chickasabogue 0 0 yes no? no yeah
Alabama Mobile West mobile county park yes probably no yes
Alabama  Mobile Cottage Hill 2+ 0+ yes ? yes lots 
Alabama Mobile Chickasaw 0 1+ no yes  no? no
Alabama Mobile Municipal (Langham) 0 no ? yes no
Arizona Scottsdale Vista del Camino - - - - - -
Arkansas (North) Little Rock Burns Park 0 no no some
Arkansas Fort Smith Tilles Park 0
California San Diego Morley Field 0 0 yes yes yes no
California Pasadena Oak Grove 3 0 yes ? ? ?
California LA-Blob La Mirada            
California LA-Blob Whittier Narrows            
California Sylmar Veterans Memorial park 1 0 yes probably no no
Colorado Ft. Collins Edora Park
Colorado Fraser Grandma's
Colorado Denver (Arvada) Memorial Park
Delaware Wilmington Brandywine State Park 1 2? yes no little
Florida Gainesville Lake Wauberg 0 0 hell no hell
Florida Melbourne Wickham Park 0 0 sorta yes yes little
Florida  Daytona Municipal Stadium 0 sorta yes no some
Florida Daytona Tuscawilla Park 1 1? I guess yes yes no
Florida Brooksville (?) Gran Canyon a few yes YES no I-talian yup
Florida Dunnellon Dunnellon Airport
Florida Gainesville Northside Park 0 0 Not terribly yes little
Florida Gainesville Progress Park (Temp Course) no lots
Florida Jacksonville Four Palms ? no no
Florida Orlando Barnett Park yes good yes little
Florida  Orlando Turkey Lake 0 0 sorta yes no some
Florida  Miami Kendall Indian Hammocks 1 0+ yes yes yes little
Florida  Miami Amelia Earhart Park 1  0+ sorta no? close yes
Georgia Atlanta Lenora 0 0 nope yes no none
Georgia Atlanta Redan 1 1 yes none no some
Georgia Atlanta (Alpharetta) Wills Park 0 1 no good yes little
Georgia Athens The Crucible 12 Lots Yes No Close Yes
Georgia Augusta Pendleton-King Park 1 2 yes yes no no
Georgia Augusta Patriots Park            
Georgia Augusta Lake Olmstead            
Georgia Augusta Forest Hills 0 0 sorta no no some
Georgia Elberton Richard B Russell 0 0 sorta no no some
Georgia Hogansville Meriwether Ant Farm 0 0 yes no yes yes
Georgia Atlanta Oregon 0 0 no yes no
Georgia Atlanta Sequoyah 0 0 no good maybe? plenty
Georgia Toccoa Toccoa            
Illinois Springfield Douglas Park 0 0 no yes ? no
Kansas Kansas City (Olathe) Prairie View 0 0 no yes? yes? little
Kansas Kansas City Rosedale Park 1+ 2+ yes yes no depends
Kentucky Nancy Pulaski County Park 0 0 yes yes no some
Kentucky  Nancy Pulaski County upper course 0+ ? probably woods no yes
Kentucky Bowling Green Basil Griffin Park if it's windy no
Kentucky Bowling Green Hobson Grove 1 sorta yes
Kentucky Bowling Green Keriakes 0 yes sorta
Kentucky Bowling Green Lovers Lane 0 0 no no
Kentucky Brandenburg Meade Olin
Kentucky Louisville Iroquois Park
Louisiana Baton Rouge Highland Road Park 0 not sure probably no little
Maryland College Park Calvert Road Park 0 0 no no
Michigan Ann Arbor (Dexter) Hudson Mills (Regular) 0 ? yes yes in park some
Michigan Ann Arbor (Dexter) Hudson Mills (Monster)  1 2+ yes yes in park yes
Michigan Ann Arbor (Dexter) Hudson Mills (Campground) 0 0 sorta no no not really
Michigan Parts Unknown Cass-Benton 3+ 4+ yes yes near some
Michigan Detroit Kensington Toboggan  4+ 4+ yes no no some
Michigan Detroit Kensington Tunnel almost 3+ yes yes(?) no little
Mississippi Tupelo Tombigbee State Park 0 0 no yes catfish! yes
Missouri Kansas City Swope Park depends yes yes yes no no
Missouri Kansas City Waterworks 0 0 yes no sonic little
Missouri Columbia Albert-Oakland Park yes(?)
Missouri St. Louis Sioux Passage Park at least 1 can't decide yes no? very little
Nevada Las Vegas Sunset Park - - - - - -
New Mexico Santa Fe Ashbaugh Park
New York Rochester Black Creek 0 sorta yes the deli yes
New York Rochester Chili 2 sorta yes no OB
New York Rochester Ellison 1? 2? yes good DELI! little
New York Rochester Genesee Valley 0 1? purty good no? no
North Carolina Winston-Salem Horizons Park not even close 0 no think so no no
North Carolina Charlotte Hornets Nest yes yes yes(?) no yes
North Carolina Charlotte Renaissance Park 3+ 1+ (?) yes maybe no lots
North Carolina Charlotte Reedy Creek 0 0 sorta yes close some
North Carolina Jacksonville Northeast Creek Park
Ohio Cincinnati Mt. Airy Forest ? yes yes no yes
Ohio Columbus Brent Hambrick Memorial not sure no yes
Oklahoma Oklahoma City Will Rogers Park
Oklahoma Tulsa Haikey Creek 0 yes ? no
Oklahoma Tulsa
Oklahoma  Tulsa

Hunter Park
 ? ? ? yes ? ?
Oklahoma Bartlesville Sooner Park 0 no yes(?) yes no
Ontario Toronto Island Course          
Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Knob Hill Yes yes Yes ? little
South Carolina Charleston Hampton Park (Temp course) 1 yes yes ? little
South Carolina Columbia Earlewood Park 0 yes yes yes little
South Carolina North Augusta Riverview Park 2 0 yes good no? yes
South Carolina Rock Hill Winthrop University 5-7 Lots hell yes yes yes no
South Carolina Chapin Crooked Creek 0 yes good no? lots
Tennessee Knoxville Morningside Park 0 no
Tennessee Nashville Seven Oaks 1 no not sure close some
Tennessee Knoxville Admiral Farragut Park 0 no ? yes
Tennessee Nashville Cedar Hill Park yes yes no no? lots
Tennessee Nashville Two Rivers 0 sorta yes no none
Texas Round Rock Old Settlers Park North 2+ yes yes no no
Texas Round Rock Old Settlers Park South 2+ yes yeah
Texas Amarillo Thompson Park
Virginia Roanoke Fishburn Park 0 0 no